You get What You Project

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Have you ever felt like, why am I not attracting the men that I want? Why are all the WRONG men flocking to me like flies? Hmmm…is it me? The truth is, Yes & No! Let me explain…

The saying goes, you are what you eat, and you are what you present. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a suit, certain men are more keen to show you attention. It is true, when you dress and carry yourself a certain way, it is inevitable that you are going to attract what you project. I mean, how could a guy wearing dirty jeans and uncombed hair feel comfortable approaching a woman like you (not saying that they won’t). Nonetheless, if he has any form of conscious, he would feel uncomfortable approaching you. Let me be very real here people. If you are walking around with your breast out, and your butt out, and expect to get a guy to treat with respect…then think again. Though men are visual, they are very territorial…think a loyal dog. Now, now…men, I am not calling you dogs  (in a literal sense) are very loyal to their master. In fact, they do not like sharing their master with ANYONE! This reins true for a man that LOVES his woman. How can that man feel comfortable with his woman sharing her body with the world? Let me give you a moment to let that digest. Ok, you ready to move on? Alright, let’s move on. I want you to understand, men are not as complex as women.

Men, the beings we cannot live without (though I’ve tried) are simple. They know what they like and can easily express it in a sum of 2 minutes. Women on the other hand are so complex, we think we know what we want and will confuse the heck out of you with what we like and do not like, and what we expect and do not expect, and how he has to look, how tall he has to be, how high his fica score needs to be, this that and the third. You see what I mean…we are complicated! Now back to the topic at hand. Please, please, don’t think you are going to find your MR. Right, walking around with a sheer shirt showing all your itty bitties. Nope, sorry ladies, they want you but not to WIFE you. Yes, that is insightful information that you should heed. Therefore, my advice to you ladies out there looking to get the eyes of a perspective gent. The women looking for their Mr. Right for me, not Mr. Right now. Do me a favor, ask yourself this question, would you feel comfortable wearing the outfit you have on when you meet his mother or grandmother? If the answer is no, then seek the advice of some HONEST friends who will advice you on what not to wear. Every woman needs a circle of friends that are not going to massage your ego but tell you the truth, even though it may hurt your PRIDE. Trust me, the truth may hurt but it will save you from doing more damage to yourself. If all the people around you never tell you the UGLY truths about yourself, then they are not friends. In fact, you my friend has a group of FRIENEMIES!

I know you are asking yourself, what makes you suited to give out such advice? Listen to me darling. I can honestly say, I am a man living in a women’s body. Which means, I try my best to think like man so I can figure out how to get, please, and keep a man. Stop rolling your eyes…I don’t have all the answers but what I know, I will share with you freely (hence the blog). For you ladies still saying, I don’t cook and I don’t clean because I am an independent woman and I am nobody’s maid. Ok, see how long that holds up. Think about it this way, even if you have the money to pay for a nanny and chef. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you are the one feeding your MAN and cooking for your BABIES? I will leave you to answer that question because I am sure I touched a few nerves.Image

In sum, if you saw the movie last year, you know what I mean. Think like a man and act like a lady. It works, ask any of my friends, I am not desperate for a date, in fact, I turn them down. Not that I don’t want to date, it’s simply that I am focused on other more pertinent things at present. I hope if not all, but some of this helps.

Stay classy and project what you want!


Khemeka B.

One thought on “You get What You Project

    Mo said:
    June 13, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Love this!! Very true statements regarding the laws of attraction. We have to be aware of what we put out and what is being visualized. I especially like the point you made regarding how dogs do NOT like to share their “master” with anyone. I completely understand the analogy!

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