Knowing Your Worth- Part I

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Do you know your worth? Honestly, do you know when to walk away from a situation before you lose yourself?

These are questions everyone should ask themselves. Especially, if you are in a courtship that is going downhill. To be real frank, some people do not know how to walk away from a troublesome situation, in terms of dating. However, some times, when you are in what appears to be a meaningful relationship, you may not want to let go. When you begin dating, the newness is so addictive. You are engrossed in getting to know your potential mate. This is the time to learn their likes, dislikes, and crucial information that will dictate whether or not you continue the courtship. Ideally, it is suggested that you take your time and keep any sexual intimacy at bay. However, sometimes, you incorporate the sexual intimacy before you have commitment. Nowadays, most dating relationships start out with sex, then both parties decide if they want to commit to one another.  This method is completely the wrong approach because as WOMEN, we cannot just have sex with a man and emotionally detach. Men on the other hand, they can have intimacy with multiple partners and keep their emotions in tact. Obviously, men and women are wired differently, no arguing that. Some women would argue that they can do what men do and be emotionally de-attached.  However, Sheila tried this approach and wound up getting emotionally consumed to an unworthy gent.

Sheila met Philip while traveling out of town on business. He was an executive at a finance firm her law office worked with. Philip had key accounts in Africa and therefore had to travel often. He being Nigerian, was happy that some of his new clients were based in Ghana and Nigeria. It afforded him the time to see family back home. Philip is handsome and gainfully employed man with no children, at least that’s what he led her to believe; later you will learn about his double life. He being the oldest of his family was responsible for taking care of his mother after his father passed away five years prior. She admired this about him as she wants a man that is family oriented.

After three months of dating, Sheila decided that she wanted more. She fought the desire to be that kind of woman that demands a man commit to her but she was not keen to letting Philip slip through her fingers. In her mind, she felt it would be foolish to let “Mr. Right” pass her by. As their courtship progressed this awesome man became the torn in her flesh. The trips to Africa seemed to be more frequent than normal. He became unreachable, especially while visiting Nigeria. Sheila is normally a confident woman but began struggling with insecurities whenever he was in Nigeria. Normally when he is traveling, they Skype and speak on the phone at least twice a day. The last trip was different, very different.

At 11pm (Eastern Standard Time), Sheila dialed Philip while he was in Nigeria, which as 4am his time. When she hadn’t heard from him all day, she could not go to sleep without hearing his voice. There was nothing that could prepare her for who answered the phone on the receiving end. Let’s just say, it wasn’t Philip. The woman answered the phone with her voice very groggy. Sheila immediately hung up, believing she had dialed the wrong number by accident. When she called back and the same voice greeted her, she was tongue tied. The woman said, “Hello, who is this?” Sheila said, “I am looking for Philip.” The woman said, “Who might I ask is calling?” Sheila said, “This is his girlfriend calling from the States” The woman hung up the phone after a very long pause. Sheila was fueled with venom and called the number back repetitively but no one answered. She had a sleepless night and called out of work the next day. About midday Philip called her and sounded cheery and clueless as to what transpired the night before. When she confronted him of what happened, he laughed and said you must have dialed the wrong number. Oddly enough, Sheila fell for his excuse and left it alone. Literally, she convinced herself that she called the wrong number and made no mention of it again.

Philip returned from Nigeria the following week and all was well again in their relationship. Three months went by and he informed her that he had to go back home because his mother was ill. She thought nothing of it but requested that he agreed to call her daily. Of course he agreed, but he did not keep up to his end of the deal. He called her the first day he arrived but did not call her for two days straight. On day three, she called him at 1am (Eastern Standard Time), which is 6am his time and guess who answered his phone…yes, non other than the same woman. Sheila was not tongue tied this time around. She asked the woman, “Who is this and why are you answering my man’s phone?” The woman in her very thick Nigerian accent said, “What is this?! What do you mean your man’s phone? Why are you calling my husband’s phone?” Sheila said, “I am sorry Miss, I must have dialed the wrong number because I am trying to reach my boyfriend Philip and he is not married. The voice on the receiving end fell silent. She replied, “No my dear, you have the right number, Philip is my husband and he is the father to our 3 children”. He is sound asleep and I just happen to hear the phone going off as I am preparing breakfast. Sheila was silent for what felt like a decade.

The woman said, “Hello, are you still there”? Well, if you do not want to speak, let me speak to you plainly. I love my husband and he is a good father but I know that he has been stepping outside of our marriage. In our culture, it is (somewhat) condoned that men will have other women. It is not easy to accept but it is what it is. He has been careful to not bring this to my face but I see he has gotten sloppy. I cannot tell you to leave him alone, that is up to you to decide. However, he is not a man that would put a woman before his family. Therefore, I strongly advise you to reconsider your dealings with my husband. Again, the choice is yours but please respect me and not call my husband at these unforgiving hours again! The wife hung up the phone and that was the last time for the duration of Philip’s trip that she called him.

When he returned two weeks later, she picked him up from the airport. When they got to her place, she cooked dinner and made love to him. She literally went on as if nothing had changed. In fact, she never brought up the conversation she had with his wife. Some people would say that Sheila is a fool. Most would say that she is stupid with very low self-esteem. However, though all of those statements may be true, there is more to it. In her case, she does not know her worth or how to teach someone how to value her worth. Therefore, what she is willing to accept, who are we to judge.


6 thoughts on “Knowing Your Worth- Part I

    Ìdòwú OláDèhìndé Ìdòwú said:
    October 14, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    The more we have women like Sheila the more men will continue to do what women hate most about men which eventually hurt nice, responsible and reliable women. Phillips is wrong to the letter but Sheila aided him to hurt her and to cheat on the woman in Nigeria. The Nigerian woman is a victim in this sense and Sheila, after knowing about the other woman, is the husband snatcher with low self esteem.

      khemekab responded:
      October 16, 2013 at 9:27 pm

      Great response and thank you for sharing. I agree with you that Sheila is the “Husband Snatcher” and she has no shame; most saddest part.

      Anonymous said:
      October 17, 2013 at 3:36 am

      The Nigerian woman wants to be a victim. So we should not feel sorry for her. In the story Phil’s wife said he had done this in the past but had been better at hiding his affairs ( pattern of behavior ). Thus she the wife is an enabler in the same way his American girlfriend is.

      BTW men lose pieces of themselves everytime they engage in intercourse in the same way women do. The difference is that men hide disappointment in themselves slightly better most if the time.

      Correction in my previous comment silver medalist as in second place finisher.

        khemekab responded:
        October 23, 2013 at 5:10 pm

        Thank you for the response and the feedback. I never looked at the angle of how “Men” lose themselves every time they are intimate with a woman. That is a great point and I see the truth in it.

    Anonymous said:
    October 15, 2013 at 4:07 am

    She settled on being second wife, string, chair, fiddle, best, place, silver medathis barlist, or just plain second. In many cultures (e.g. French, African, and many others) Sheila’s role is acceptable and par for the course. Their are not enough men for every woman so they find it necessary to share a man. If she is willing to settle for mediocraty and never being “the woman” go gor it. But if she is willing to take the chance she maybe able to get a man of her own. Men rarely leave their wives’ for “bonus candy” he maybe screwing you but he makes love to his wife. You are just a toy thing for him to play with for a time and toss away.
    #KnowYourRole #AnewMsNewbootyisJustAroundtheCorner

    I feel sorry for his wife that silently and loudly condones Phillip’s behavior. In this case taking a walk may help her get her marriage together again.

    Good story “E”

      khemekab responded:
      October 16, 2013 at 9:27 pm

      Thank you for reading and for sharing your response. It is always great hearing the feedback from stories that I share. I agree, the wife should give him an ultimatum and then leave him if he does not let go of Sheila.

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